Why Q8 Trade?

The #1 Trusted Trading Platform in MENA Region

Trading with Q8 Trade has many advantages, but if we want to sum it up, we would say that it is one of the most comprehensive trading platforms when it comes to the level of service offered to their clients.

The platform has been able to compete on a global scale to win several international awards in the Middle East and North Africa region since its inception.

Our research about Q8 Trade showed that results spread across multiple levels ranging from clients, teams, Q8 Trade itself and competitors.

Now we will present the results of our study on the advantages of trading with Q8 Trade based on all the above-mentioned levels so you can link points to each other.

Are you ready? Let’s get started now!


Advantages of trading with Q8 Trade from a client’s perspective

One of the most important advantages of trading with Q8 Trade from the point of view of clients, is the almost total consensus of those we have talked to, that Q8 Trade is seeking – to make you feel that you are the most important “A Class” client from the moment you visit their website.

Man trading with Q8 Trade

You are the Class A Client with Q8 Trade


In addition to the sensory advantages, what makes Q8 Trade distinguished among any other trading platforms is the level of language spoken by its support team member with its clients, even in their correspondence and even smiles on the faces of their team.

Client satisfaction and success is reflected and sensed beyond any doubt at all times.

We also believe that the most important advantage of trading with Q8 Trade is “its established heritage in the Gulf and Arab markets for more than 35 years of trading in the financial markets with Q8 Securities.”

Through scientific methodologies supported by a deep understanding of the Arab traders’ culture, Q8 Trade has managed to deliver an unprecedented level of trading platforms (European platforms do not invest much to cover this aspect of “localization”) that target the Arab trader.

Since its inception, Q8 Trade has achieved very impressive results for its regional and global success, making it the winner of international awards in the Middle East and North Africa region in particular.

As for tangible services, on the other hand, the advantages of trading with Q8 Trade vary according to the type of account opened with them. 

But at first, our professional courtesy obliges to mention the free benefits offered by Q8 Trade to all registrants “and even before deposits”. Q8 Trade considers itself an educational platform and often invests heavily in the subject of trading education for a simple reason:

“The continuity of the relationship between the client and Q8 Trade is based on the success of the client in trading so it is in the interest of all parties that the client continues to trade on the Q8 Trade platform, and clients will do so only if the success rate is high and this will not be arbitrary. It must be based on a deliberate methodology. That’s why Q8 Trade offers many free educational services including editorials, visuals and webinars. 

Ali Hassan | Vice President of Business Development”

This is very logical, right?

Q8 Trade’s experience in the financial markets has been deeply rooted for more than 25 years. We always mention this issue because it is essential to support Q8 Trade’s claim of understanding the needs of Arab traders. Therefore, Q8 Trade introduced the top 300 financial instruments from foreign currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies initially to its customers for trading on its advanced intuitive platform. Based on the feedback from its clients, Q8 Trade always works to develop this list periodically.

Another advantage of trading with Q8 Trade is the comfort that it brings its clients. They provide Arab traders with platforms that meet their needs and requirements.

It has developed 3 platforms to help you trade from anywhere in the world at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

Unlike the traditional trading methods, you can track all your deals, the market and the events while you are in the office, on a journey or simply at home via the Q8 Trade smartphone platform.

Tack all your deals from any place on earth with Q8 Trade's smartphone app

Track all your deals from any place on earth with Q8 Trade’s smartphone app




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Q8 Trade also allows you to trade through an internet browser using any computer in the world. Just log-in to Q8 Trade so you can access your portfolio and do whatever you want! Q8 Trade also offers its clients the MetaTrader platform, which has incorporated high-quality recommendations provided by the industry giant Trading Central.

Trading using the Q8 Trade Webtrader - one of the advantages of trading with Q8 Trade

Trading using the Q8 Trade WebTrader

One of the advantages of trading with Q8 Trade is the ability to open Islamic accounts that are completely free of interest and are fully consistent with international markets. This means that you can get all the features of trading in the global markets without the need to worry about interest, SWAPS and rollover fees. However, Q8 Trade explicitly discloses that by using Islamic accounts, you can not trade exotic currency pairs or cryptocurrencies. Trading such assets will incu

r you with interest, SWAPS and rollover fees. 

One of the other advantages of trading with Q8 Trade is that they provide full and latest coverage of the most important events in the markets to clients in a timely efficient manner. According to client testimonials, Q8 Trade sends daily and weekly e-mail messages about the most important events in the market. In addition to that, they send SMS alerts and reminders if an event is about to happen within minutes.

Mrs. Aqila Sharaf said:

“The Q8 Trade platform is easy to use in general. But the most beautiful thing about it is, especially when you are a beginner, their ability to keep you informed of what is happening in financial markets without the need to look for events that you have to exploit yourself… In fact, this service saves you more than 70% of the lost time and allows you to focus on trading.”

Aqila Sharaf – Trading with Q8 Trade since early March 2018

Advantages of trading with Q8 Trade from the team’s perspective

Q8 Trade Team - Advantages of trading with Q8 Trade from the team point of view 

Advantages of trading with Q8 Trade from the team’s point of view

At the request of employees, their names will not be disclosed in this article.

We started talking to a number of Q8 Trade employees who were working in the Investment Portfolio Management Department, then moved to speak to others in Account Management, Marketing and members of the HR department. We did this to try and draw a full picture of what they think are the advantages of trading with Q8 Trade.

At the end of our conversation with the Q8 Trade team, the agreed separately on the following points:

  • The level of experience among the team members is unparalleled. It combines the experiences of the old generation along with the new generation as well as the experience of investing across the European platforms with a full understanding of the needs of the Arab traders at all levels.
  • Some members of the team say that the quality assurance department has high control and oversight of every phone call emphasizing that the management takes any violation of the code of conduct very seriously as it is also subject to the direct oversight of governmental regulatory bodies.
  • Most of the portfolio management team considers that traders with Q8 Trade are the luckiest traders in the world because Q8 Trade invests heavily in educating its clients to compete with other platforms – Arab if any – or European.
  • The client support team believes that the Q8 Trade offices in the Arab World, which are dedicated to receiving clients who wish to receive any kind of support, are among the main advantages of trading with Q8 Trade and this enhances the overall client trading confidence.

The most interesting testimonial came from the marketing team where they said:

“We are constantly training on the latest updates from Q8 Trade’s regulators. As marketers, we cannot use any words that we want to use even if it will change the course of our results …Q8 Trade really provides a very safe trading environment for all its clients.”

Q8 Trade Marketing Team

Advantages of trading with Q8 Trade from the perspective of competitors

Many platforms in the world of trading have begun to try to follow the leading platform in the Arab world, Q8 Trade. Q8 Trade has been described as the # 1 trading platform in the GCC. 

Q8 Trade believes that client support should be in the first place in the eyes of any platform entering this world. Q8 Trade shares its expertise in this new field in the Arab world with new competitors in order for them to avoid previous mistakes and to ensure a rich trading experience for the Arab trader, whether with Q8 Trade or with any other platform.

The principle of absolute transparency adopted by Q8 Trade in its dealings with its own team or with its clients, regulators and even its competitors has made it attractive to everyone, and this is one of the most important advantages of trading with Q8 Trade from the perspective of its competitors.

So, can you sense all of these things that we mentioned or are there additional things that you need to tell us? Feel free to share with us about your experience with Q8 Trade!