Who is Q8 Trade?

A look into the past, the present & the future about who is Q8 Trade?

Q8 Trade is a brand name specialized in providing a platform for trading foreign exchange pairs in the Forex market – whether major or rare currency pairs – through the so-called Contracts for Differences – CFDs.

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Through its various platforms, clients can also choose to trade other assets, all of which are considered to be CFDs listed in major financial markets such as commodities like gold and oil, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple, and global and local equities and indices like Apple, Google and DJI.

To understand who Q8 Trade really is, you must know that the Q8 Trade brand was established by a team of veterans in the GCC financial market in particular and in global financial markets in general

The think-tanks behind the brand saw the need to link the Arab financial market to the global trend of financial markets because the traditional image of financial markets (known as local markets) has become extinct or on its way to extinction for several reasons:

  • The decrease/lack of participants (investors) due to the fact that companies seek to be listed in the global financial markets rather than just being traded locally.
  • Liquidity in local markets is very low. Some traders often get stuck with stocks they cannot sell.
  • The high cost of trading commissions in the local market
  • Limited trading; The local markets are open only for several hours and the daily trading volume allowed per stock is limited.
  • Limited trading ability due to the need of the trader’s presence in the market or at best over the phone to execute orders.

These reasons are the underlying causes that have produced the need for a specialized brand in the world of trading to serve the Arab trader in particular.

However, the need to answer the question ” Who is Q8 Trade ?” stands still.

Answer: A Local Gateway to International Market

Client shaking hand with Q8 Trade agent

Who is Q8 Trade?

The company and its brand must be registered and new licenses must be obtained. Q8 Trade obtained all the necessary licenses to become fully compliant with all the licensing requirements for its operations. Q8 Trade is “committed to secure investor protection and market development and to enforcing disclosure of information regulations pertaining to the securities market” (Official Website).

The company has invested heavily in the power of technology, keeping in mind the needs of Arab traders based on the experience of 35 years. Every step of the way, it has adapted its platforms and its supporting technology to realize its dream of making Q8 Trade the local gateway to global markets.

Within a short period of time compared with global trading platforms, Q8 Trade was able to achieve its position as The #1 Trading Platform of The GCC.

How did that happen? And how does it serve to answer the question: Who is Q8 Trade?

In record time, Q8 Trade has won several international awards. It is necessary here to mention the process of how these awards are granted. Each committee behind each prize is an awarding agency that has several interviews with clients, employees and administrators in addition to a field checks on the ground. Q8 Trade was able to harvest the following:

  1. Best Brand For Forex Trading 2019 – Region: MENA
  2. Most Trusted Platform 2019 – Region: MENA
  3. Best Regional Trading Platform 2018 – Region: MENA
  4. The Fastest Growing Trading Platform 2018 – Region: MENA

Did you find a satisfying answer about Who is Q8 Trade yet?

How do we really see ” Who is Q8 Trade ?”

Our full scope of who is Q8 Trade

Our full scope of who is Q8 Trade

By looking closely at Q8 Trade’s performance over the last few years, Q8 Trade’s focus is on enriching the Arab traders’ experience at all levels. For example, on the community and social level, Q8 Trade sponsors one of the most important Kuwaiti football teams since its founding, the Kuwaiti club Al Qadisiyah. The sponsorship contract has been renewed for more than once.

Q8 Trade logo on Al-Qadsia shirt

Q8 Trade logo on Al-Qadsia shirt

That also can be considered as part of the answer to the fundamental question: Who is Q8 Trade ?

From a practical perspective, Q8 Trade always strives to enhance the potential of Arab traders in general by providing tools for you and them. In addition, Q8 Trade delivers effective information in a timely manner to enable you to make investment decisions in a thoughtful and non-arbitrary manner, improving your trading experience in general.

By carefully examining the Q8 Trade profile, you will find it offering you several things in a harmonious way that increases your success rate to achieve your overall financial goals and ambitions.

For example, it provides daily a comprehensive coverage of the main and most important economic events on the local and international scene, which are closely related to your investment decisions as a trader.

Moreover, Q8 Trade provides you around the clock, with leading technology in the world, designed and modified over and over again to suit your needs personally and the needs of every Arab trader.

The client support center is built to operate in a comprehensive manner that only enriches the client’s trading experience.

Starting with the moment you register (even before you deposit), you feel that you are the focus of the Q8 Trade team, because their focus is on continuing to deliver through excellence in several things, including:

  1. The supported by leading technology platforms to make the trading process more intuitive for all levels of experience clients have.
  2. Provide different account levels tailored to clients’ needs based on their experience.
  3. A daily spotlight on the most prominent events of economic events from around the world.
  4. Online courses and webinars.
  5. A comprehensive educational center that has editorial and visual materials of all levels.
  6. Leading account managers with the most outstanding experience in the GCC.
  7. …. Much, much more.

with that being said, the question who is Q8 Trade has different dimensions when you think of it. Right?!

So why Q8 Trade every time?

Why Q8 Trade every time?

Why Q8 Trade every time?

Why do you have to choose Q8 Trade every time?

Now that you have a very strong perception of who is Q8 Trade for real, you have to know why you should choose Q8 Trade every time. You have to know why Q8 Trade is doing what they are doing, and that is an integral part of your quest to find the answer for ” Who is Q8 Trade ?”.

The following are the most important factors that will make you choose Q8 Trade every time or at least recommend it to one of your friends or acquaintances:

  • The local offices
  • The transparent basis in business.
  • Global investment wrapped in local spirit.
  • Professionalism focused on client success.

Summary of this investigation

Since the launching of Q8 Trade, becoming the largest online trading platform in the Middle East and North Africa has been the primary goal of Q8 Trade. We believe based on the facts that we have, that Q8 Trade has already done so.

It is very clear that Q8 Trade is proud of its heritage, and that it is committed to maintain and nurture it by serving its customers to the fullest.

Q8 Trade may be the only in the Arab region that has a significant physical presence on the ground. This is an added advantage of any other trading platform, you can reach it in person. 

If you want to do this with any European platform, there are first high travel costs that will exceed the cost of traveling to any of the local offices, in addition to the difficulty of obtaining a visa for the Arab citizen to Europe. Q8 Trade’s offices in the Arab World provide support services to customers through all channels of direct and indirect communication.

Q8 Trade has repeatedly demonstrated, through customer testimonials and employees, that its approach to building bridges of trust with the clients and even staff is based on key points of transparency. This comes as a result of over 35 years of experience in the local markets with and international financial markets with Q8 Trade.

Our region (The Middle East) is one of the most recognized investment destinations in the world, and Q8 Trade is fully aware of this and is, therefore, offering the most important investment opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Q8 Trade has an integrated team of client support representatives and professional account managers ready to provide support during business hours.

We believe that in this section of this website, we have provided a broad basis in which you can answer the question of “who is Q8 Trade”.