Most of you may have probably heard of Bitcoins. Some have called it a passing fad that may eventually fade in history.

However, since it was introduced in the financial markets, it has rapidly grown in popularity with its usage still growing as we speak.

Bitcoins may be hard to obtain especially with the average person. But with many brokers that actively offer them on their platforms, you can now invest on this popular cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Overview

A Bitcoin (BTC) is a form of digital currency that is not backed by a centralized government. It exists in a peer-to-peer payment network powered by its users alone and not regulated by a central authority.

It works with the currency being transferred from one user to another using a Bitcoin wallet for sending Bitcoins and receiving them back.

Behind this is a network controlled by users all over the world, relying on software and trust to comply with rules on trading the currency.

While developers are continuously improving the software, users are vigilant enough to record and archive each transaction, making sure that each Bitcoin is not used twice.

Digital signatures accompany these transactions, verifying its authenticity before it is completed.

The Popularity of Bitcoin

One of the main reasons why Bitcoins are quite popular is that with the absence of a centralized authority, processing fees are almost down to zero.

There are no fees related to currency exchanges as well as charges assessed by payment processors.

There’s virtually no transaction fee making Bitcoins a very cost-effective means as a payment method.

Security of Bitcoin trading

Security of Bitcoin trading

Security from Bitcoin Trading

The Bitcoin network uses both public and private encryption system which makes each transaction highly-secured.

What’s more is that, users who prefer to complete transactions anonymously may do so. All you need is a bitcoin address and you’re done!

When Bitcoins started, traders were very much wary of what it can bring to their wallets. However, this all changed when most realized that bitcoin trading brings a sense of security that other markets cannot.

Right now, there is a limited number of Bitcoins in existence. With the value of Bitcoins based solely on a static supply, fluctuations will depend on the demand for this currency.

And as more and more traders are looking into bitcoins, its value is also increasing.

The Rise, Fall and Re-emergence of Bitcoin

Bitcoin usage has unexpectedly risen amidst market volatility and changing mood of investors and traders. The bitcoin currency has alternated from increasing prices and an all-time high of $19,783.06.

Even if proponents consider the digital currency in its experimental stages, it assumes two pivotal roles in trading.

Bitcoins act as a “medium of exchange” and “store of value.” As a medium of exchange, it has exhibited transaction reliability as demonstrated by safely sending a bitcoin from one peer to another on the bitcoin network.

Security concerns are a major issue; however, Bitcoin mining has shown that it uses highly secured servers that can act as vaults for bitcoin storage, with a good track record on its transaction processing.

Design and Execution

In circumspect, Bitcoin trading is already past the experimental stage and is a strong contender as a solid investment vehicle.

In terms of its electronic payments network, transaction speed is commendable. In the trading world, both merchants and traders care about payment certainty. The function of speed is equally-important, both of which bitcoin trading easily fulfills.

There is a difference though when it comes to point-of-sale (POS) transactions. Bitcoin transactions only come in second to the performance of card network rails. There are a few seconds of waiting for the authorization receipt to be printed.

When it comes to e-commerce on the other hand, Bitcoins go full throttle. Online purchasing of airline tickets, hotel and car reservations happens simultaneously with the valuable minutes it takes for waiting and printing of receipts. There is also time for payment to complete when physical goods are ordered to be shipped or picked up later when it is placed on queue or for review of fraud analysts and fraud detection tools.

Taking the Risks

Given that payment is good and are processed securely, merchants can take the gamble in bitcoin transactions, provided that he uses tools that can reduce fraud risks. This may include device fingerprinting, white and black lists and other methods.

Bitcoin trading is the latest of exciting news that have recently hit the financial markets. However, it continues to confuse or inspire investors to trade with it, it deserves a deeper evaluation.

Profitable opportunities are bound to present themselves as it charters a new course in the history of the trading world especially now that the introduction of Facebook’s very own Libra coin has reignited interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Trading Bitcoin CFDs with Q8 Trade

Trading Bitcoin CFDs with Q8 Trade

Trading Bitcoin CFDs

As of this writing, not all brokers offer Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading on their platform. Some are wary of trading the currency due to a lack of transparent pricing.

Most of them have different price quotes on their listings. Brokers connect its price to the US Dollar, the most common way that Bitcoins are priced.

Whatever misgivings brokers have before, many see this as an opportunity for traders to profit. Now that Bitcoin trading has gained mainstream acceptance, the number of brokers that offer them is also increasing.

In fact, it is widely-speculated that the market capitalization of Bitcoins will grow tenfold in the years to come and this is definitely the perfect time to start trading them with Q8 Trade.

With Q8 Trade, you can invest in not only in Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and Stellar Lumens.

There’s more…

Q8 Trade’s platform will give you access to over 300 assets so you’ll be able invest on a broader range of financial markets.

You’ll have better chances of generating great profits since there are better choices where you can place a Buy or Sell position.