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Facebook company profile

Facebook is the social networking service that was launched on February 4, 2004. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with a Harvard colleague named student Edward Saverin.

The membership of the site was initially limited by the founders of Harvard students, but it was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, and gradually included most universities in the United States of America and Canada, and by September of 2006, it included everyone with a mailing address A valid letter in addition to the age requirement of 13 years and above.

The social networking site Facebook was launched as an unexpected product through Harvard’s Facematch, where it was based on publishing pictures of a group of people and then selecting the site’s pioneers for the most attractive person.

According to the Harvard Crimson newspaper, “FaceMatch” has used some of the images collected through the online photo guide of nine university city students with two pictures next to each other and inviting users to choose the “most attractive” person.

In order for Zuckerberg to establish the site, he resorted to hacking protected areas into Harvard University’s computer network, and then copied private photos of a group of students in the dormitory.

The Harvard University administration accused Zuckerberg of violating the law of protection, violating copyright and violating the privacy of persons, which exposes him to expulsion from the university, but all charges against him were eventually dropped.

Zuckerberg founded Facebook on TheFacebook.Com specifically on January 4, 2004. The membership of the site was initially limited to Harvard University students and during the first month of the site’s availability for use, more than half of the students who did not leave the university after registering for that service. Then shortly after, Edward Saverin (the CEO of the company), Dustin Muscoviter (the programmer) and Andrew McCullam (the graphic designer) all joined in to help Zuckerberg by further developing the website’s technologies.

In March 2004, Facebook opened its doors to Stanford, Columbia, and Bell universities. After that, the site expanded through Boston colleges then the site gradually became available to many universities in Canada and the United States of America. In June of 2004, Facebook’s headquarters moved to Palo Alto in California.

The company dropped the word “The” from its name after purchasing the domain name Facebook.com in 2005 for an amount of approximately $200,000.

Facebook also issued a copy to high schools during September of 2005. The site also made available the participation of employees from many companies, including Apple and Microsoft, and at the end of September 2006, the site opened its doors to all individuals Adults 13 and over who have an email address. In October of 2008, the Facebook administration announced that Dublin, the capital of Ireland, would be taken as an international headquarters, and during December 2013, Facebook added an icon that expresses dislike Of the famous icon “Like”.

This came within a new set of icons issued by Facebook for use through the instant chat application available for several platforms or through private messages from the site itself.

Facebook stocks trading

Facebook stocks trading


Advantages of trading Facebook stocks

Facebook has evolved from the social campus network to the undisputed leader in social media, and the same is true for the messaging section.

Mark Zuckerberg also dominates this market through his Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp, and likewise, Facebook has positioned itself well in “photo sharing” with the acquisition of Instagram. While Snapchat was initially very successful in its so-called “stories”, Instagram quickly and significantly outperformed its competitors after offering the same feature.

Currently, with the end of 2019 close to Facebook, Facebook has almost 2 billion members, a large proportion of about 25% of the world’s population. One of the reasons for the rapid developments in the Facebook network was an investment of approximately $500,000 by German investor Peter Till.

He joined the network in June 2004 and obtained a percentage of about 7%, which enabled Zuckerberg to employ more programmers with the aim of expanding capabilities and driving growth.

Facebook’s IPO

The Facebook share was launched on the eighteenth day of May 2012, at a price of about $38 per share, bringing the total value to $18.4 billion.

This was considered the largest IPO of a technology company and sufficient capital for company acquisitions.

Facebook shares have been listed since last 2012 through the technology exchange NASDAQ under the symbol “FB”. By the end of 2017, Facebook had a total capital of about $500 billion making it one of the most prominent and largest companies in the entire world.

Facebook shares performance

Although the security was lower than the issue price during the first few weeks after the subscription, this was not surprising given the high expectations but nevertheless, the number of members increased and revenues per user steadily increased. Of course, this is reflected in the share price while its stock market value reached about $38 during the month of May 2012.

This corresponds to an increase of nearly 300% overall and 31% annually. From here, we note that the fluctuation of share prices was not very high and the largest monthly declines were not exceptional by as much as 12%.

What are the necessary steps to ensure safe entry to the stock market?

  1. Before starting any mission, we all need to study in advance. The same applies to investing in stocks. We should resort to a tribal study that shows how to proceed to the next steps in investment, in addition to discovering market trends and the movement of the stock exchange while being aware of all that is happening in the stock market.
  2. The appropriate choice of stocks, in the sense that the choice be on clear and solid foundations, the most important of which is the endeavor to reduce risks, study their causes and find appropriate solutions, and always follow up on global financial reports and see their results before starting the buying process.
  3. Not to invest in one or two fields only, because diversification will protect the novice investor, especially from losses to the financial market, meaning that if your portfolio is diversified then the loss will be partial.
  4. The last step is to know your rights and duties within the stock market, and not only to know them, but to work with them because they are the way to protect from risks or errors before they occur and thus work to avoid them.
Facebook stock trading with Q8Trade

Facebook stock trading with Q8Trade


How to trade Facebook stocks with Q8Trade?

There are several factors that an investor must apply well in order to achieve successful investment through stocks. If you want to achieve profits well or you are a junior investor in the world of investment and stock trading, then you should be aware of the following factors and criteria for success of investment and take them into consideration.

  • The investor must open a demo account for training, learning the skills, and providing the necessary expertise to ensure this.
  • The investor should select the appropriate account for it.
  • Determine the best and appropriate strategy.
  • The investor should know that not all his deals are done in one go, but that he must complete each deal separately.
  • Choose the type of shares to invest in.
  • Determine the amount of capital to invest in.
  • Moderation in investment operations as well as non-risk.
  • Not to enter the field of investment without a thorough study with knowledge of all aspects.
  • Keeping negative emotions and feelings away from investment operations.

Trading Facebook shares via CFDs

CFDs give traders all the advantages of owning a certain position of a stock, index, or commodity, without the need to own the tacit bond itself. It is a simple and cheap trading option, which is trading the price difference in several commodity and stock markets, with leverage and immediate execution.

The customer enters a difference contract according to the specified price and the difference between that price and the price at which the position is settled in cash when closed – hence the name “difference contracts”. It is worth noting that profits can be achieved regardless of the direction of market movement with CFD trading.

CFDs can be used for the “short” position when you think that prices will decrease (and the position closes later by selling), and the “long” position can be used if the price is expected to rise (and the position closes later to buy), of course, selling at a price higher or lower than the price The purchase will generate profits or losses accordingly.

Trading in CFDs has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and this type of trading is one of the best methods of trading through financial markets without discussion.

Trading Facebook via CFDs

Trading Facebook via CFDs

In contrast to direct investment, CFDs offer two good advantages:

  1. On the one hand, you can not only win (buy) through the rise of the markets, but also have an opportunity to bet on falling (buy) prices. In the second case, you will reap profits if the Facebook stock actually falls. However, if it rises, losses will occur.
  2. The second advantage is the so-called leverage, since with the use of contracts for difference, the base currencies can be traded using a leverage of up to 1.400. Thus, large trades can also be made with small bets, thus the account will obtain more liquidity for further trading. But be very careful, not only do profits multiplied by leverage, also losses multiply with this instrument. Therefore, it is recommended that you read and familiarize yourself with the CFDs and corresponding securities before beginning the trading process.