Apple (AAPL) - A Report Brought to You by Q8 Trade

Apple at a glance

Is an American multinational company, founded by “Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs” in 1977, and its official headquarters in Cupertino, California. The company develops consumer electronics, personal computers, servers and computer software, and is a digital distributor of media content.The company also owns a chain of retail stores known as Apple Stores.

Apple was called Apple Computer 30 years ago, and the name was later changed to Apple Inc, where the word “computer” was removed to reflect its expanding online marketplace.

In 2007, Apple this year revolutionized the technology world with the release of the iPhone, which exceeded one billion at this time, and reached its peak in 2015.

For more than three decades, Apple has been a manufacturer of personal computers, including Apple, Macintosh and Power Mac, and surpassed Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company, in 2010.

The company expanded its core product lines to no longer be Mac and iPhone, but also included iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Pay.

Apple has a good reputation in the consumer electronics sector for many reasons, most importantly its keen interest in the aesthetic design of advertising its products, and the launch of smart phones and operating systems that compete with the market.

Apple employs 123,000 full-time employees, owns 504 retail stores to cover 24 countries, and uses more than 1.3 billion Apple products worldwide.

Apple’s market capitalization reached a record high of more than $ 1.1 trillion in 2019.

What is Apple’s stock?

Apple is a leading electronics and PC company, and its innovative products have helped launch the current wave of cutting-edge consumer technology.The company currently has a $ 1 trillion commercial cap at the moment.

Apple continues to introduce new iPhones, Macs, iPads, and Apple Watch, although many tech lovers argue that it hasn’t made anything new in years. However, Apple shares are rising almost continuously, as consumers seem happy enough to buy the latest devices with a small number of upgrades.

Apple started its first IPO in 1980 to achieve a huge capital offering. The stock trades under the AAPL symbol and falls under the Nasdaq on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1997, when Apple’s founder, Steve Jones, returned to the company as interim chief executive after leaving it after administrative disputes, where the company was in severe financial distress, the company’s stock price at that time did not exceed the dollar, and only two years later the value of shares Apple is close to five green currencies, and in 2010 the stock was approaching $ 30, and in 2017 was near $ 140.

A historical look at the performance of Apple stock since its launch and its relationship to its financial performance

Apple reached a trillion dollars nearly 42 years after its establishment in 1976, and the company raised 100 million of green currency from the company’s shares for trading at $ 22 per share for the first time in December 1980.

In 1985, the company’s share price fell to less than two green sheets, following disagreements in the company’s board.

In the 1990s, Apple was bankrupt but quickly recovered after Steve Jobs returned in 1997. The first Mac G3 was launched in 1998, and in 2000 it launched the Power Mac G4. ”.

Apple launched the iPod in 2001. Six years later, the company unveiled the iPhone, which changed the perspective of the mobile world by making a big revolution. Apple shares ended the year at $ 28.29.

Since the time Apple launched its new iPhone, more than 1.2 billion units have been sold, accounting for about 60 percent of Apple’s total annual sales of $ 229 billion.

In 2011, the stock price of about $ 57.85, market capitalization rose to $ 360 billion, and revenue of the company reached nearly $ 110 billion, as Tim Cook received the new CEO.

Since Tim Cook took over Apple’s management, the company’s dividend has quadrupled in value, and 5 million iPhone 5s were sold in 2012 in just three days.

In 2014, Apple’s stock split again to fall to $ 92.44, and the company launched the service “Apple Music” in 2015, and then continued the share of “Apple” rise to $ 110, making the US company is the first company with a market value exceeding $ 400 billion Dollars.

Apple’s market capitalization reached $ 904 billion at the end of 2017, ending the year at $ 169.23, the highest level at the time, approaching the $ 1 trillion journey it has already made.

In mid-2018, Apple reported its quarterly results, with net profit of $ 11.51 billion from April to June, compared to the same time last year, which recorded an estimated profit of $ 8.71 billion, and Apple’s total revenues from the sale All of its products, including App Store, Apple Care, Apple Pay, iTunes and Cloud Services, total $ 53.3 billion.

Towards the end of 2019 Apple reported earnings and revenues that were higher than analysts’ estimates – earnings per share were $ 3.03, compared to $ 2.84 forecast.

The technology giant also benefited from growing optimism about trade negotiations in the final months of 2019. Apple also saw a remarkable 18% growth in its services, including Apple TV +, iCloud and AppleCare.

Although Apple has been relatively slow in the 5G network so far, it will be a “big growth engine” in the coming years.

Apple shares hit several new highs in 2019, hitting a year high of $ 249.

Factors affecting the rise and fall of Apple shares

  • Apple’s management, not the company founder Steve Jobs is intelligent and innovative, he also assigned tasks to other individuals with these qualities, including “Tim Cook”, who took over the management of the company, in addition to this passion for people worldwide Apple products Their preference over other products, which often drives them to pay extra for their products, is what made Apple record a huge sales rate for the iPhone.This helps Apple’s stock rise, or at least maintain its stability.
  • Apple’s profits, where the price is directly proportional to the profits, when the profits rise will rise in the share price, and vice versa.
  • Trade wars between the United States and any other countries, as this may hinder Apple from access to some global markets, affecting sales and financial returns, and thus negatively affect the performance of stocks.
  • The company’s financial results compared to expectations, even if the results are satisfactory but below expectations, this may adversely affect the performance of stocks in these days when the quarterly financial results are announced.
  • Announcing new products, the event is considered one of the largest technical events in the world, which increases the chances of the rise of Apple’s shares in these times.



Is Apple stock trading profitable?

The investment in Apple over several years was regarded as a “profitable and non-profitable” investment. , Making it a safe investment for many.

Apple is moving in its own business strategy to invest in increasing the number of other business sectors, and the company’s impact is rising, a large proportion of investors believe that financial values ​​will invest in the increase.

Tips on trading Apple shares

A stock market trader, who monitors the ongoing change and exchange in the market from the rise or fall in the value of a stock, must be aware that access to gains or even stability in profit in the stock market requires a thorough study of the market.

You can buy Apple shares through a trading platform from anywhere in the world. Although trading in Apple shares is not suitable for everyone due to the high price of the stock, owning stocks is an investment that suits traders in the long run.

Investing by trading CFDs, you can benefit from the movement of financial instruments up or down without actually owning it.This method is the simplest way for beginners who do not have a large capital, and want to get high gains in a short time.

What are the advantages of trading Apple shares through CFDs?

Trading in CFDs is one of the main sustainable choices for investors in the electronic trading market, due to several factors, the most important of which is the ease and gains that many people get whether increasing or decreasing the price of the invested financial instrument.

CFDs can be defined as trading in price differences for specific financial instruments, whether this change is increased or decreased. CFD trading allows you to gain from the movement of stocks and financial instruments even if you do not own the same financial instrument.

Trading in CFDs is a statement when you enter into a contract between you and a broker, in order to trade in the difference, and be between the price you opened the trade and the closing price and this difference is your profit when you close the trade, so you do not have the financial instrument, whether this instrument for a stock or a specific currency In order to trade them.

All you need is to put a small amount to trade in the margins, and this amount is mostly 0.5 percent of the amount that will be traded, and the trader must expect how the transactions will go and how the price of the financial instrument will change and accordingly expect to win the price difference if expected Good is how the price of a financial instrument moves, the difference is considered profit, and if the price of the instrument is going against its expectation, in this case the investor must pay the difference.

What are the steps to invest in Apple stock in CFDs with Q8?

  • Registration with Q8 Trade.
  • Identify the market you want to invest in.
  • Make a decision to buy or sell.
  • Choose your trading volume.
  • Add stop or selection requests.
  • Follow your transaction.
  • Close your trading.

Advantages of trading CFDs with Q8 Trade:

  1. Leverage Trading: If you are trading CFDs, you do not need a large amount to trade, due to the leverage offered by Q8 Trade, which enables you to multiply your funds in trading.
  2. Lack of stamp duty: CFDs are not subject to stamp duty, depending on individual circumstances and jurisdiction.
  3. Diversity in trading: You can very simply trade in the many different financial instruments that are in the CFD trading market at “Q8 Trade”
  4. Gain in the rise and fall: The most important characteristic of trading in CFDs is that you are trading and investing in the price difference, and therefore you can make gains from the rise or fall of the stock price, all you need is to predict how the market will move before trading.
  5. Hedging Ability: This is one of the methods that can be used during trading.
  6. Flexible volume of trading: It is one of the advantages of trading in CFDs, where you have great flexibility in the volumes you make, you can do a lot of transactions in different ways and forms, and also in different financial instruments.

Why should I trade in Apple shares with Q8 Trade ?

  • Q8 Trade provides the opportunity to trade Apple shares through CFDs, as this ensures gains even if there is a decline in prices.
  • When trading with Q8 Trade, you can use leverage to increase the value of your trading capital.
  • Q8 Trade offers the possibility of trading during the trading of Apple shares without any fees or stamp, and through the CFDs, due to the reason that you do not actually own the stock.
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