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All service providers that offer forex and CFD trading will brag about the instruments that they offer and will claim that you will have plenty of options to choose from when you sign-up with them.

And while this may be an advantage for you, having access to the financial markets is not enough because the real difference is about the actual instruments that you will be able to invest on.

With Q8 Trade, you will have the opportunity to trade on over 300 underlying assets so you can open Buy or Call positions on every asset class available using just a single account on different platforms.

Why is this important?

The simple logic is that it would be better for you to have more markets to invest on but what’s more important is that you will be able to place a position on every type of asset that currently exists.

Let’s have an example:

Let’s say you’re interested to trade on crude oil since you’ve heard a lot of news lately about this precious commodity and that you’re expecting its value to go up today. Thanks to Q8 Trade, you will be able to execute a Buy positon and if you’re speculation is correct then you will be able to generate a profit from it.

Here’s why…

While most online trading companies claim to offer 100 or more instruments, the downside which most traders failed to look at, is that majority of them offer only the common ones and not those that have the best potential to give you better returns.

What’s even worse is that the only assets that they have are those from the US or Europe and not those that are in your own country or to say the least, your region.

This however is not a problem with Q8 Trade because with this trading platform, you’ll get the best of both worlds because you’ll be able to invest not just on the popular assets today but this includes those that commonly traded in the GCC region.


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Here are the classes of instruments that are currently available with this service provider:


Short for foreign exchange, this category has plenty of pairings of different currencies including the major pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, NZD/USD, and AUD/USD), crosses and exotics. Please take note that some pairs will not be available for Islamic accounts.


You can diversify your portfolio by investing on key commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver, coffee, sugar cocoa and others.


Also known as equities, you will be able to find a great selection of this asset class on Q8 Trade’s platform. This includes the most popular brands today like Apple, Coke, Amazon, Facebook and the like.


This is where this online trading platform has the edge over other brands in the industry. They will give you access not only to global indices like the NIKKEI, FTSE 100, NASDAQ and Dow Jones but also on local indices in the GCC such as the TADAWUL, TA35 and OMXS30.


This is the newest class of instrument that emerged with the introduction of blockchain technology. Some of the hottest digital coins you can invest on include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

There’s more…

Q8 Trade is among the very few brands in the market today that allows their clients to invest on mini contracts. Only a number of service providers currently have this feature. Do take note that this asset class will not be available if you’re going to use an Islamic account.

Diversity at its finest

Among the top reasons why Q8 Trade was able to edge out most of its competitors is that they give their clients a diverse selection of markets that are not only popular internationally but also locally.


Bottom line?

By having the opportunity to trade on a broader range of financial markets, you have better chances of generating great profits since there are better choices where you can place a Buy or Sell position.

Since your preferred asset is accessible with Q8 Trade, you don’t have to search for another service provider just to be able to trade on it.

And with over 300 options, you’ll definitely be able to pick a number of assets that you are familiar or comfortable with and place your investments on them with better chances of getting good returns.

As they usually say, it’s not just about the quantity but also about the quality and with Q8 Trade, you get to enjoy them both.