A 360° Overview About Trading With Q8 Trade

A Regulated & Fully Licensed Brand



Whether you want to participate in the global Forex market or not, as part of society, we always participate either directly or indirectly in the prosperity of this market. The question about this market has always been: Why not make your participation meaningful as well as beneficial?

Why don’t you make your participation more influential and profitable? Rather than let your bank use your money for its own investment gains? … YOUR MONEY!

If we agree on the principle, the rest is easy.

Trading in the financial markets is just like anything else in the world; going to the doctor, or the grocery store, or hiring an engineer, a lawyer, or even an accountant or a teacher. They all need a regulatory body to organize their professions. In the same way, trading or participating in the Forex market also requires you to enter this world through a trading service provider, platform or broker, or whatever you wish to call it, whose job is to safely open the door for you to enter such world.

That’s merely the main responsibility of the trading platform provider: safe access to the world of trading.

On the other hand, you as a trader must make sure the service provider you choose works under the provision of a license granted by a regulatory overseeing body. The scope of what else you can do is a limitless sea. For example, you can search for additional services that are offered to clients such as:

  • Practical education
  • Demo trading
  • Client support/Client success
  • Trading signals.
  • Educational online/offline seminars
  • Islamic accounts

With that said, I believe the overall picture is becoming more and more vivid!

Therefore, in this article, we are going to demonstrate the most important things you need to take into consideration when you’re looking for a regulated licensed trading platform.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What does Q8 Trade provide for its clients?


A regulated and licensed investment services subject to governmental oversight 


A symbol for the regulation governing Q8 Trade


Q8 Trade is a well-established online trading platform for CFDs (Contracts for Difference), giving customers instant access to a wide range of tradable instruments globally and locally including securities, foreign exchange, and commodities.




In addition, to enhance its position in the GCC market, it acquired the rights to use the Q8 Trade brand inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a licensed company subject to the supervision of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment.


Alright! What does that really mean?


Simply, it means that Q8 Trade is undertaking its business under laws and regulations issued by the aforementioned entities, which in turn has enacted laws that guarantee the highest level of protection to investors and traders. Abiding by such strict regulation has contributed to making Q8 Trade the #1 trading platform in the GCC from a trustworthiness and safety perspective.

Q8 Trade has a number of offices spread throughout the Arab world. This makes Q8 Trade one of the few (if not the only) trading platform with a “meet with your account manager” option. Thus, it has achieved a completely different level of client success, well suited to the personality of the Arab trader.



A portal for high-quality trading signal by Q8 Trade


Q8 Trade Signal's Portal Q8 Trade Signal’s Portal


Q8 Trade has long sought the best providers of global trading signals. It has opened a joint venture to localize the signals of Trading Central, in order to meet the requirements of Arab traders in various ways, including:


  • Trading Preferences 
  • Language (Arabic/English)


Q8 Trade 35 years of experience have granted us insight into Arab traders’ preferred assets: gold and oil for commodities, FAANG stocks, major currency pairs, and cryptos.

Trading Central is a global service provider that has served traders successfully since 1999, based on a proprietary algorithm built by a group of mathematicians and programmers. Trading Central has won several awards in the field of robust analysis and research.

You can trade anything with Q8 Trade

You can trade anything with Q8 Trade

An increasing opportunity to higher gains

How could that be?

Q8 Trade is the result of over 35 years of accumulated experience of Q8 Securities. This makes Q8 Trade one of the few (if not the only) platforms that open the door to investment and trading in international markets for its clients, while fully aware of the needs and aspirations of Arab traders, as well as the customs and traditions governing our behavior.

Q8 Trade, through its various platforms, offers you a gateway to the world of trading and investing in a contemporary way, by keeping up to date with latest developments that have affected the development of the financial instruments within the international financial markets. Q8 Trade does this by giving you the opportunity to trade CFDs.

What distinguishes investment in CFDs is that it allows the customer the opportunity to achieve profits, whether the value is high or low, as long as the trader is able to know the correct direction of the price movement. The reason for this lies in the sheer number of participants in this market.

At any given minute during the day, there is a large number of traders willing to buy or sell the contract you’re investing in (which is usually contrary to the type of contract you invested in it, if you want to sell there are those who want to buy and if you want to buy there are always those who want to sell CFDs) , quite the opposite of what happens in traditional local markets.

The Forex is a forum (you may say) for all investors wishing to buy and sell at the same moment, making the liquidity of this market beyond any other financial market, whatever its size.

This means that it is almost impossible to find yourself stuck in a contract that you can not sell.

So is that it?

Absolutely Not!

The basis for successful investing is the diversity of the investment portfolio, or what is known as “Portfolio Diversification”. This diversification itself is a very important method that your coach will help you master to achieve the following main goals:

  1. Building the ultimate trading strategy that best suits your financial needs and aspirations.
  2. Learning risk management by combining tools with high return/high-risk with low return/low-risk assets.

When you master the above, you can be in the market at any time in a position called “low or reasonable risk”, because you have chosen assets that balance one another when it comes to risk and return on investment (ROI). 


A Comprehensive Educational Center For All Levels of Experience

Q8 Trade provides its clients with a comprehensive educational center that holds educational materials for traders in the global financial markets at various levels. In addition, Q8 Trade offers online training courses taught by metal trading experts and leading financial analysts in the GCC region.Q8 Trade’s training team creates online course materials to first suit the level of experience of the recipient, secondly, the needs of the Arab trader, and third, the fastest way to be applicable .

In terms of self-learning materials, they are available at the Educational Center in both Arabic and English. Educational materials are also available free of charge to users who have not activated their accounts (or deposited funds) yet. The most important features of the educational materials at the Q8 Trade’s Educational Center are:

  • Reading materials for all levels (from novice to expert level)
  • Visual Materials (Videos)

So is that it?

Absolutely Not!

Once you deposit with Q8 Trade, you are immediately welcomed by your personal trainer, who is often different from your account manager. Your trainer will call you about the most important things you need to know to get started, and then proceed to a gradual evaluation of your trading experience, so that you may be provided with the most important things you need, from knowledge about the financial world to technical info about the platform.

These are only some of the reasons that make Q8 Trade The #1 Trading Platform in The Arabian Gulf.

Geographical Convenience

As mentioned above, Q8 Trade’s headquarters are located in the State of Kuwait at the following address:

Mubarak Al Kabeer Street, East 15301, Kuwait Stock Exchange Building, 5th Floor.

The Q8 Trade offices are open to all clients during working hours, but visits are by appointment only. The presence of these offices in Kuwait grants Q8 Trade an invaluable advantage over other trading platforms targeting the Arab region.

Surely, just as many others have done, you can visit the Q8 Trade office, something far easier and more possible than visiting a European-based platform’s office.